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Different Home Remedies For Treating Hypersensitivity

The hypersensitivity issues can differ from one person to another. Many people suffer from some form of allergies due to which their body reacts in different ways. The immune system which is geared to protect the body from invasions of toxins, viruses and bacteria often reacts to a food substance or similar item that might get introduced to our body through the digestive system or is felt or inhaled. Hence, from medication to food items, airborne fungal or mold particles, there can be different kinds of hypersensitivity that one might suffer from.

General medication
There is a common medication that is sold at medicinal stores which can help one gain relief from hypersensitivity conditions which can be common for many allergens. However, it is best to identify the source of hypersensitivity and remove it from the patient’s environment. In case one is unable to identify the food sources which might be causing the problem, allergy clinic Canberra can be done in order to identify the allergen correctly. For identifying a food product, it is best that one is given a plain diet to follow at home for a day or two after which items like fish, milk, eggs and other items can be reintroduced into the system.

Different food hypersensitivity
Many people are often allergic to shellfish, to nuts, eggs, milk, wheat or soy. These are common food substances that some or the other is allergic to. Many have a strong reaction to nuts like peanuts. The reaction might be intense when medical assistance is required or it would be a mild reaction which can be cured by taking certain steps at home. However, it is necessary to identify the right allergen through allergy testing in Canberra services.

Natural remedies
A quick and effective home remedy is to opt for a mixture of turmeric, licorice root and honey, which can help to soothe down any form of allergic reaction. In certain cases caffeine also helps to cure attacks of hypersensitivity. A caffeinated drink like a soft drink could be the solution by which an asthma attack can be averted.

General antihistamine solutions
For home remedies one should stock up on ingredients like cumin, coriander, fennel seeds as well as ginger and honey. Even vitamin C, selenium and E are known to help boost the immune system while vitamin B12 and A are known for their anti inflammatory properties. One can step up on ingesting omega 3 fatty acids, which help to reduce hypersensitivity reactions. Many homeopathic remedies are also available by which internal detoxification as well as reduction of hypersensitivity can be achieved. Honey is considered to be a great remedy and it can help reduce allergic reactions in the system.