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How To Keep Your Feet Healthy?

Feet are such an underappreciated part of our body. We generally neglect its care, only focusing attention if we experience pain or discomfort. We hardly notice their task in getting us to each and every place we need. We exert a lot of pressure on our feet, whether it’s through walking, running, jumping or other strenuous activities. However, even if your feet feel perfectly normal, you should take steps in order to prevent injury or inflammation.

First of all, you should keep your feet clean and dry. Good hygiene goes a long way when it comes to maintaining healthy feet. This includes cleaning your feet thoroughly with soap when you bath and drying them afterwards. Moisture can lead to fungal infections that may fester for long periods of time. And while you clean your feet, you should check it for problems. You can do this once a week in the shower or bath. Inspect the soles of your feet for dryness or cracked skin and between your toes for peeling skin. Take a good look at your nails as well as they can tell a lot about the state of your body’s health. Discoloured nails may signal a fungal infection. Keep your nails clean and cut them regularly. Make sure that you avoid trimming very close to the skin as it may give rise to ingrown toe nails.

Always take action. If your nails are discoloured or cracked, don’t hide it with nail polish as it may worsen the problem. Make sure that you wear your own footwear. This will protect your feet against other people’s conditions. Alternate your footwear and allow them a chance to breathe. Take care of your feet when you’re in public areas. It is better not to go barefoot in communal areas such as pools, showers, locker rooms etc. You tend to pick up foot infections very easily from such areas. Tight shoes and high heels are not good for your feet. Make sure you give your feet a break from such uncomfortable footwear. If your feet ache and the pain doesn’t alleviate, contact a podiatrist for an expert opinion. Sometimes people tend to brush off small aches and pangs. This may prove for the worse in some scenarios.

It should be noted that people generally try home remedies of they experience foot pain. While mild treatment may not cause much harm, sometimes you may conduct experiments or new methods that will worsen the situation. If there is any redness, swelling, inflammation, discolouration around the foot, it is better to visit a health centre specializing in podiatry. This way you can be sure of the problem is something that is severe or if it can be cured with minimal fuss. By involving a health care professional, you can make sure that minor inconveniences don’t bloom into major problems.

Sweat can create an ideal environment for the flourishing of fungi and bacteria. You can try wearing socks, especially those of synthetic fibres to keep your feet dry and devoid of moisture. You should also wear footwear that fits you properly. As explained above, tight shoes can cause long term foot problems. Go for a broad, rounded shoe that has plenty of room for your toes. It should have a wide stable heel as well. If the shoe is pointy, it can put pressure on your feet and cramp your toes. This will result in calluses and ingrown toenails.