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The Different Types Of Motion Sickness And Their Remedies

Motion or travel sickness is a common form of health condition where the person who suffers faces a disagreement between his or her visual perception of the movement and the body’s actual state of motion. Dizziness and nauseatic sensation are common symptoms indicating that you are likely suffering from such form of sickness. A natural tendency in such medical situations is for the person to vomit. However, it does not entirely relieve the sufferer and adds fatigue leaving him or her more exhausted.

Why Does One Feel Nauseatic?

The disagreement between vision and balance is the underlying cause for a person who is travelling to develop a nauseatic sensation. In such situations wholesale sick bags are really useful to contain the vomit locking the foul smell within the sealed plastic containers.

Types of Motion Sickness

Motion sickness comes in various forms – caused by motion that is felt but not seen, motion that is seen but not felt and when motion is felt as well as can be visualized but they are not in agreement. You can find a barf bag almost everywhere, for use in an aeroplane or for everyday use.

The first category is where motion is felt without being perceived. Examples include car sickness where the eyes are able to view the road ahead but the sensors in the body perceive stillness raising a disagreement. Air sickness is yet another common sensation you might encounter during a flight. The distinct difference with that of car sickness is that unless you grab a window seat and are able to view the sky from the small window, all you feel is the interior of the plane tilt thereby causing a vomiting feeling. Sea sickness is another very common example.

In the second type of motion sickness, motion is seen although not perceived. Examples include space sickness where you can freely float around the spacecraft, or during virtual reality or 3D movie watching where certain senses are aroused during particular scenes, such as a plane landing or flying over a vast ocean on a large screen.

The third variant is where motions are seen as well as felt but they are not congruous such as while riding a two wheeler through a badly maintained rough road at a very slow speed. The extent of jerking gives your ear a sensation of higher kinetic force than proportionally what the eyes can perceive.


There are various treatments for this condition such as computerized head worn devices or medication. You can also look out of the window of a vehicle in motion to avoid motion sickness to some extent if you want to treat this naturally.